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PCB Layout & Design Services

Xtreme Electronic Designs, Inc. is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that designs, builds, debugs, and integrates custom embedded microcontroller systems. In addition to turnkey custom design services, we offer rapid prototyping, place and route services, and on-site integration to our clients. We specialize in Rigid circuit board design, and also offer Flex, Rigid-Flex, Class 2, Class 3 and LED circuit board design.

Based in Lake Worth Beach, FL. Serving Clients Nationwide


Why Choose Xtreme for PCB Design?


Our team is committed to working with you to come up with an innovative design that exceeds your expectations.


In addition to our expertise, we conduct our business based on a set of core values that have guided and sustained us. We stand on principles of integrity, excellence, honesty, and generosity.


Our industry experts ensure high quality and unparalleled attention to detail on your project. We use state-of-the-art technology to design modern and viable designs to help you be successful.


We are committed to getting the job done. From start to finish, we make sure it is done right and to specifications each time.

If you have an idea, our team at Xtreme has the experience, knowledge, and drive to help you get it done.

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