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Welcome to the Xtreme family!

One of the more unique aspects of our company is that we have retained the same clients we started with 22 years ago, and we continue to add to our family year after year. Each of our clients varies in size and scope from small, local public agencies and private companies to large national government agencies. Our custom embedded microcontroller systems have been used to provide solutions for issues such as complex thermal management problems in spacecraft, high temperature laser ranging, water sterilization monitoring, and analyzing cell concentration in blood samples. From PCB layout and design to complete embedded microcontroller systems, Xtreme has more than 3000 completed projects, and we have a solution for you.

Our clients come to us for our technical expertise, strategic thinking, extensive experience, and passionate enthusiasm. In turn, we help them develop and implement the most innovative, creative, and cost-effective PCB and microcontroller designs available before their product hits the assembly house.

We pride ourselves on being a client-centered design company. Our expert engineering staff engage with our clients directly to collaborate on a design that is tailored to their specific needs. We focus on listening to their ideas and exploring all the possible options before we settle on a solution that we agree will work for them, both now and in the future.

As a member of the Xtreme family, we will be just as committed to helping you with your project from conception to completion. We want your product to be a success, and we want your experience with our company to be the best it can be from start to finish.

Meet some of our clients:

Ace K9
Beckman Coulter
DMI International
FHP Bosch Group
Fresh-Aire UV
General Dynamics Mission Systems
GHOZT Lighting
IntuiCode Gaming
Lenco Marine Inc.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
MPS Racing
Nidec Corp.
Norwegian Cruise Line
PaneLogic Inc.
PrimeTest Automation
RTP Corp.
Sandia National Laboratories
Trividia Health

Let our team help get you started on the path to making your dream a reality. 

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